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2013.06.16 - Shalli on a musical roll

Island Pop singer Shalli is on a musical roll. She has been spending time between Canada and Jamaica as she makes it her business to claim her share of the world music pie.

The talented artist, who is always seeking ways to diversify her product offerings, recently collaborated with Rory of Stone Love on a remix of her culturally defining single, Down In Jamaica. The dancehall remix was produced by Belize\'s own Certified! The single will be released on digital retail as of June 24th.

Accolades have already been heaped on the music video, which shows off the immense beauty of Jamaica and the sincerity of Shalli\'s mission. On her visit to Jamaica in March, Shalli went into the studio with Rory and the result was a remix that is totally captivating.

"It was really a pleasure working with Rory, as he is someone who I have admired for a long time. He is a top-class Dj, so it is easy to understand that, with his knowledge of the music, he is also a great producer and has that ear for hit songs. And we all know just how important that is," Shalli said.

Armed with a mission to give fans uplifting music, Shalli has also done a collaboration with Trinidad\'s own Orlando Octave entitled Fire, on the \'Happy Feet\' rhythm.

Wasting no time, the video for this was shot and both artists and their management are happy with the outcome. A very uptempo offering, this could have been specifically made to celebrate carnival in Trinidad, and with the natural chemistry between the artistes, the song and video jelled perfectly.

"The rhythm is called \'Happy Feet\' because it is just that, happy. The single is already getting a lot of love, especially in the Caribbean. We are working on a dance remix now to support the video launch in the fall." Shalli explained.

2013.05.01 - Shalli promotes Brand Jamaica in new music video

Many persons have often lamented the fact that Jamaican music videos hardly ever showcase the true beauty  of the island paradise.

Well, enter Canada-based singer,Shalli, with her video for the patriotic single,Down In Jamaica, and instantly praises are being heaped on her.

Shalli and her team traversed the island and shot glorious footage of Jamaica at its very best. Of course, there is the sea, sun and sand aspect of the visit, but there is so much more. The happy faces of the children tell a story; the boys playing football, the cane man expertly peeling the cane; rafting; the dutchie with the ackee and saltfish being cooked; in fact, a great mixture of the sights, sounds and taste of the island chronicling the Jamaican experience, all in one video. And, of course, the fact that Shalli herself looks the part of a real island girl enhances the authenticity of the video.

winning combination

With Brand Jamaica on the lips of everyone globally,Shalliclearly has a winning combination with the carefully crafted lyrics which show her familiarity with and love for the island and the colourful, inspiring, music video.

She noted that Down In Jamaica has special significance to her and it is a song that she poured her heart and soul into. "I wanted to do a powerful tribute song to Jamaica and the fantastic people and this is it," she said simply.

The theme of the Youtube comments is that this video beckons one to Come to Jamaica.

Actually,Down In Jamaica evokes nostalgia and instantly makes the Jamaican living overseas want to go back home, while at the same time, it speaks eloquently to the prospective visitor who is desirous of spending quality time at the perfect Caribbean getaway.

There has also been much encouragement for Shalli to send the video to the Jamaica Tourist Board and let them use it as part of their marketing strategy to encourage visitors to the island.

musical arrangement

According to one blogger, "I hope that someone in the tourist industry will pick this song and video. My perspective is that the cinematography, lyric, musical arrangement and performance are good. The sound is very clean and the performing artiste is a beautiful princess."

Shalli has been singing for audiences in her church choir since the age of five; by age 12, she was writing poetry and at 14 she was crafting lyrics to original songs. In her later teen years, she would perform some of these original songs with a musical group she helped to create.

The budding songstress has continued to hone her image and powerful onsatge presence and has performed alongside many of worlds leading acts.

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